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Fly as an Eagle Lyrics

I stay fly as an eagle mane
Fresh like candy paint
Sharp as a razor blade
Gotta stay playa made

A couple carrots in da earlobes
dat gliss gliss gliss

Gotta a mama up in here
dat I miss miss miss

I aint used to have nothing
Now im rich rich rich

To da bently from da cutla*s
Now dey pissed pissed pissed

We blowin purp in da front
Dey pourin yak in da back

A couple gats in da back
And aint none of us gon rat

If I aint already ripped them
My brother Boosie done flipped them

We got high like a missile
And we be clean like whistle

I lay dat d**k a winner
Just ask my girls in Virginia
The just cant stand when its all up the screen in the center

I be wit Pimp, we be pimpin
San Francesco to Memphis

I cut the baddest lil bitches
And if u get when im finished

I just talk lil shit
And its a hit when im finished

Drop the top when its pretty
Pop the six in a minute
Savage Life don’t forget it
Trill Fam in da building

We gon need some more space
Cuz money stacked to da ceiling


Who u kno from place to any
Big gangsta since double guiness

Stacy Adams not the tensest
And all my women be friendly

Used to shop in J.C. Pennys
But now I be on some playa shit

Used to wear dem J’s
But now I be on dat gator shit

Lookin like a million
So niggas be on dat hater shit

We getting money
Now yall niggas be on dat latest shit

All off in a boat
Shootin dice wit niggas wit businesses

Flya dan yo grandma
Preacher can I get a witnesses

Same fella used to rock tees’s
Now wut da difference is

Now im on some grown man shit
And I aint need tha rent

I should be in Ebony
Takin pictures wit Ebony

And Steve Harvey, Susan
Not yo average celebrity

I mingle wit tha richest
To pictures wit broad bitches

Didn’t u see on television
Wit a a*s like Delicious

Face like Eve
Red carpet
Walkin pigeon
U cant keep me out da mirror
Cuz im cleaner than some dishes



We got so much out here to lose
And u don’t see to ya ???? (????)
All dem dudes gon keep it g’d to ya ???? (????)
And I remember he told me don’t stop (stop)
Rest in peace boo I owe u a lot

Got my phone call B
Say lets go to tha top

So my lil dog
Doin 5
Ima holdem my spot

40 thousand for tha braclet
Just to got wit the watch

Don’t disrespect me
Don’t give a f**k bout if u kno me or not

Ill pull up in the mean one
Ya aint never seen one
Tha red one
Tha black one
Tha platinum
The green one

or Keisha
or Tina

From front ta da back
To da face full of semen

Real live street nigga
Always gon be one (always gon be one)

Look me in my eyes
Guarantee u gon see one

Im fly as a eagle
UGK my people
Im Trill young savage
Dats one thing about me


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