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Ladybird Lyrics

The song Ladybird is performed by XTC in the album named Coat of Many Cupboards in the year 2002 .

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Oh ladybird
I have heard you wish to walk me through your garden
I crave your pardon if I woke you with my thinking

Oh ladybird
I have heard you wish to walk me through your meadow
You'll spread no wings to fly in fright if I'm beside you

All through the winter time
When wood was warm and splintered
Time seemed longer than a goods train
Now that spring is back again I'll ask your name, your name

Oh ladybird
I have heard you wish to walk across my pillow
No weeping willow was ever as beautiful, sad as you are

And as you're walking past
I'm laying on the gra*s and making chains of thought
To snare you with my wit
But bit by bit, you fade to gone, gone

All through the iron season
Love was hanged and treason became
Something of a parlor game
Now sun is back in power, I'll ask your name, your name

Oh ladybird
I have heard you have to run to tend your children
No flood can drown nor fire blacken purest longing
For ladybird


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