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25 to Life Lyrics

Yo to my people doing time
Xzibit, Juvenile, y'all need to
Nature, Ja Rule, Reptile come on
Bring the heat

Look, I'm inhumane livin' in this house of pain
Stuck with a thousand street hustlers down on they luck
Repeat felons caught up with the death I was sellin'
And for the past three months yo I can still hear my victims yellin'

But I can't listen to my conscience it's nonsense, if I didn't shoot
I'd be the nigga in the suit in the box under the ground
Fox chased by the hound locked permanent frown Xzibit get down
By liftin' iron by the pound for the tough individual

Runnin' run his mouth throw some hands with the General
Walk one day in the shoes of a criminal
Death disease keep your luxuries to a minimal
I'm not talkin' about weed, jewels and Bentleys

I'm talkin' about clean clothes, hot food and Dentyne
See what I mean livin' with the scum of the earth
Hit with plenty of time to adjust to life on the inside

You got me f**ked up I'm innocent
Look I ain't do this shit you don't want to hear my side
But you believin' that bitch
You makin' my nerves bad I need to smoke me a jo'

'Cause I know y'all ain't even thinkin' 'bout lettin' me go
Where my lawyer, nigga told me Juv' I can't do nothin' for ya
Y'all go tell that to my mother and my father
But they gonna cause y'all so don't you even bother

You know that shit ain't right that bitch didn't see nothin'
'Cause it was dark at night but I guess us blacks
Look the same to y'all pa*sin' niggas around like a game of ball
This is my third felony plus my third strike
Man I ain't goin' home I got 25 to Life

QU New York, you try to criticize me I criticize you
Been the same muthaf**ka since in high school
Any beat I shed light to with crazy wattage
Blankin' out bought my first eight ball for eighty dollars

Learned who not to trust grew obnoxious
So niggas start to hate me same time the boys in blue
Watch us circlin' but they don't slow down take you to court
Think you seein' Judge Joe Brown they just actin'
Indy's throwin' Tyson back in another year

f**kin' with a nigga's career I cock back at bust in the air
Give me space beats with plenty ba*s drink my Hennessey straight
Till I hurl out third world clout I'll take niggas hearts
And turn killers into girl scouts works of art
Pica*so from the Hydro roller slash hustler CEO slash retired soldier

Kill or be killed behind the wall 40 day short
Still the thought of murderer true to the sport
I bang with the best niggas them career criminals
Now I'm in with these youngins lookin' to feel me out

Hollerin' 'bout how they gonna hit on me now
Niggas is real wild bangin' before trial
New kicks new trial I don't give a f**k
I'm playin' the yard ox taped to my nuts

Ready to self destruct Lord I don't wanna die
But what powered your honor to hit me with 25
I know that real recognize every hustle
And die with these niggas in the struggle
Ya feel me

Oh God, shells loaded in the semi auto quoted
Unknown cat never voted picture me on the scene
Huntin' for greens like Mike Meyers trick or treatin' on Halloween
Mashed down in the fatigues servin' the fiends

Kill or be killed metal pipes under the sleeve
In the city slicker bust checks or puff cess
Ruffneck love liquor and act figures bloodsport on the streets
No gloves pullin' knives out the fridge handin' out cold cuts

UGH streets real thug so recognize thug close yo' eyes thug
You 'bout to die thug
Call the President I'm blowin' up ya residence
Spill acid on the corpse to clear the evidence
Protestors outside screamin' free Gotti
Guard your body SWAT teams is waitin' with the shotty

Y'all need to
Y'all need to

For all my people doin' time keep your head up
Wyclef Jerry "Wonder"
New millennium, new millennium come on

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