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All That Money Lyrics

Girl u makin all that money
dont let nobody treat u treat u. You makin all that money
dont let nobody treat u treat u.

(Verse 1)
Booty club 25 grand
fat pockets look at my pants
we too deep look at my clan
polo clothes look at my brand
dro i came here to look at ya'll dance
they say i make it rain so im kickin out grain
my pockets spittin 7 and my hummer spittin 3
i spent my left so thats 20 some g's
just got started and we dont wanna leave
10 for the clit now put yo hands on yo knees
naw i aint broke but im still on E
im broke like a mother f**ker pills on me
real low key shaking hard for the bread
still in schoool so she smart in the head
*first man seen her then we all went runnin*
dumb for a strip makin all that money
(chorus) X2

she dance for u like she dance for me
she'll handle u like she handle me she know i came up in that lomborgin
shakin her stuff like a tamborine
all my diamonds are tangerine
throwin this money like Dan marine
all shawty need is a tamper ring
she'll jump when u call like a trampoline
got my motor running like vaseline give me what i want u can have the cream
my drop top chevy so apple green
these niggas in the club they trap with me
so much money they after me
that mazaratti aint *strappin me* carats on my neck call me young joe bundy
blaze up the saddle be on platinum 21's

(Chorus) RPT X2

do it one time for the whole club heat, do it one time for the whole magic city,do it one time for the girls in the struggle,

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