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Z-Ro was born on 19 Jan 1976 in Missouri City, Texas. His birth name was Joseph W. McVey. His is also called z-ro.

He has built a reputation as a southern rapper. Z-Ro has sold more underground records than any other musical act in the history of the rap music thanks to the support of his Texas fan base. His recent success has been credited to his fans in other areas not bootlegging his albums but actually going out and buying them.

Z-Ro released the following albums including Look What You Did to Me (1998), Let the Truth Be Told (2005), I'm Still Living (2006), Tha Omega (W/Dvd) (Chop) (2007) and Power (2007).

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  1. Intro
  2. Southside
  3. Chiefin on Dogia
  4. Keep Runnin
  5. Screw Did That
  6. Sunshine
  7. I'm a Gangsta
  8. Time and Time Again
  9. Tell Me What You See
  10. Creepin
  11. Nothin Left to Live For
  12. Lost Another Soldier
  13. Party on the Dance Floor [*]
  14. Hustlin [*] - JD, Young Chi
  15. Yo Son [*][Instrumental]
  16. Trickin [*][Instrumental]
  17. Outro: I See Ya [*][Instrumental]
May 2007
  1. Bud Sack (Explicit Album Version)
  2. I'm A Gangsta (Explicit Album Version)
  3. My Life (Explicit Album Version)
  4. Struggling To Change (Explicit Album Version)
  5. Greed (Explicit Album Version)
  6. Staying Alive (Explicit Album Version)
  7. Going Down In The South (Explicit Album Version)
  8. Nigga Like Me (Explicit Album Version)
  9. Friends (Explicit Album Version)
  10. Lovely Day (Explicit Album Version)
  11. Ride All Day (Explicit Album Version)
  12. Murder'ra (Explicit Album Version)
  13. M-16 (Explicit Album Version)
  14. No Games (Explicit Album Version)