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Tigerwomah Lyrics

Let me tell you about my sweet little pus*y
She's a regular cat machine
And every time I see my sweet little pus*y
Lord help it I can't stop, I am mad and mean

Every time she spins me around
She makes me tigerwomah

Tigerwomah you walk in my dreams
Tigerwomah you make me scream
Tigerwomah my heart will blow
Tigerwomah I need you so

Won't you play with me my sweet little pus*y
Yeah, cook me for a late night chew
And you could eat me like a piece of sushi
Tigerwomah 'cause I want you to

Every time she [unverified]

Tigerwomah [unverified]

Everybody sings
Na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na

Tigerwomah [unverified]

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