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The Complete Collection and Then Some... (2005)

The album The Complete Collection and Then Some... is released by Barry Manilow in the year 2005 .

  1. Best of Me (Intro)
  2. Sweet Life [Live][#]
  3. I Am Your Child [Live][#]
  4. Could It Be Magic
  5. Could It Be Magic
  6. Brandy
  7. Mandy [Original First Take][#]
  8. It's a Miracle
  9. Sandra [Live][#]
  10. I Write the Songs
  11. As Sure as I'm Standing Here
  12. New York City Rhythm
  13. Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again [Alternate Take][#]
  14. All the Time
  15. Ready to Take a Chance Again
  16. Somewhere in the Night
  17. The Old Songs [Alternate Take][#]
  18. I Don't Want to Walk Without You
  19. If I Should Love Again [Alternate Take][#]
  20. Copacabana (At the Copa) [Home Cassette Recording]
  21. Copacabana (At the Copa)
  22. Dancin' Fool
  23. I'm Your Man
  24. Hey Mambo
  25. Big Fun
  26. Riders to the Stars
  27. I Wanna Be Somebody's Baby [#][Outtake]
  28. Daybreak
  29. Even Now [Live][#]
  30. Life Will Go On [Live][#]
  31. Memory
  32. Ships
  33. If I Can Dream
  34. One Voice
  35. This One's for You [#][Demo Version]
  36. Lay Me Down
  37. Big City Blues
  38. Somewhere Down the Road [#][Demo Version]
  39. A Little Travelling Music, Please
  40. You Could Show Me
  41. Ave Maria
  42. Look to the Rainbow [From Finian's Rainbow]
  43. Joey [#][Demo Version]
  44. Please Don't Be Scared
  45. Baby, It's Cold Outside
  46. When October Goes
  47. Ain't It a Shame
  48. Brooklyn Blues
  49. How Do I Stop Loving You? [#][Demo Version]
  50. Just Remember [Live][#]
  51. I Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks
  52. Weekend in New England
  53. Give My Regards to Broadway [Live][#]
  54. Medley: Send in the Clowns/Looks Like We Made It [Live][#]
  55. Can't Smile Without You [Alternate First Take][#]
  56. Beautiful Music
  57. Fugue for Tinhorns [From Guys and Dolls]
  58. Medley: My Girl/No One in This World [#][Outtake]
  59. Don't Talk to Me of Love
  60. The Last Duet
  61. Wild Places [#][Demo Version]
  62. Never Met a Man I Didn't Like [From the Will Rogers Follies]
  63. Who Needs to Dream
  64. Read 'Em and Weep
  65. Let Freedom Ring [#][Outtake]
  66. Let Me Be Your Wings
  67. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  68. Another Life
  69. I Made It Through the Rain [Alternate Take][#]
  70. The Best of Me
  71. Chapel of Love [DVD]

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