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Dancin' Fool Lyrics

When I hear a band blowin' Basie
I can count on losing my cool
Take me where the rhythm is racy
Let me be a dancin' fool

Some prefer the Cafe Europa
Sipping Dubonnet on a stool
Me, I get my kicks at the Copa
That's where I'm a dancin' fool

I'll show you some moves
Smooth as satin
And others, they don't teach in school
When that crooner starts in to scattin'

Just give me a chance an'
My Tuxedo pants an'
I'm a dancin' fool

When those trumpets blare, man
I ain't got a care, man
I'm like Fred Astaire, man

Just give me a chance an'
My Tuxedo pants an'
I'm a dancin' fool

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