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Coal Chamber

Coal Chamber was an American nu metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in 1994 and disbanded in 2003. After the disbandment of Coal Chamber Fafara continued as vocalist of metal band DevilDriver, recording four albums: DevilDriver, The Fury of Our Maker's Hand, The Last Kind Words and Pray for Villains.

Coal Chamber released the following albums including Coal Chamber (1997), Chamber Music (1999), Dark Days (2002) and Giving the Devil His Due (2003).

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Coal Chamber
Feb 1997
  1. Loco
  2. Bradley
  3. Oddity - Coal Chamber/Jay Gordon
  4. Unspoiled
  5. Big Truck
  6. Sway - Coal Chamber/Eric Levy
  7. First
  8. Maricon Puto - Coal Chamber/Jay Gordon/Eric Levy
  9. I
  10. Clock - Coal Chamber/Nathan Cox
  11. My Frustration
  12. Amir Of The Desert
  13. Dreamtime
  14. Pig
  1. Headstones And The Walking Dead (Album Version)
  2. Big Truck (Hand-On-Wheel Mix) (Album Version)
  3. Pig (Original Version) (Album Version)
  4. Bradley (Going Postal Mix a/k/a Radio Mix) (Album Version)
  5. Sway (Hypno-Submissive Mix) (Album Version)
  6. Not Living (Original Version) (Album Version)
  7. Blisters (Album Version)
  8. El Cu Cuy (Man-To-Monster Mix) (Album Version)
  9. Wishes (Album Version)
  10. Apparition (Album Version)
  11. Anxiety (Album Version)
  12. Save Yourself (Album Version)
  13. One Step (Chop Shop Mix a/k/a Scott Humphrey Mix) (Album Version)
  14. Big Truck (Live) (Album Version)
  15. I (Demo) (Album Version)
  16. Oddity (Demo) (Album Version)
  17. Sway (Demo) (Album Version)
  18. Unspoiled (Demo) (Album Version)
  19. Loco (Demo) (Album Version)
  20. Babbit (Demo) (Album Version)