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Little Child Lyrics

The song Little Child is performed by Des'ree in the album named Endangered Species in the year 2006 .

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Little child, in your eyes I see your pain
My heart cries, when I hear you cry again
Frail and small, can you believe fifteen years old?
What is sad, he hasn't got far to go, oh oh, no no…

Yes, we'll cry, yes we'll cry
Our hearts they feel no hate
Babies scream, babies scream
they'll never achieve their dreams
Shall we dance? Yes we'll dance
the sky will hear our song
And maybe rain…
'cos it's been much too long

Mother's die, leaving hungry mouths behind
They can't hold on, when God wants them by His side
It's up to me, it's up to you
Visualize and pray, is what we mustn't forget to do

Dry land, open up and let me in
Dry land, look what is happening
You know, there is plenty, plenty,
plenty of work to do
This can't go down as another disaster in history…

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