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Des'ree was born on 30 Nov 1968 in Barbados. Her birth name was Desiree Weeks. Her is also called Des'ree.

Des'ree is a British pop/soul singer who was popular during the 1990s, mostly remembered for her hits "Feel So High", "You Gotta Be", "Kissing You", and "Life".

Des'ree released the following albums including Mind Adventures (1995), Supernatural (1998), Best Remixes (1999), Dream Soldier (2005), Endangered Species (2006) and I Ain't Movin' (2008).

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Mind Adventures
Apr 1995
  1. Mind Adventures
  2. Why Should I Love You
  3. Competitive World
  4. Stand on My Own Ground
  5. Average Man
  6. Sun of '79'
  7. Laughter
  8. Save Me
  9. Mamma Please Don't Cry
  10. Momma Please Don't Cry
Best Remixes
Jul 1999
  1. You Gotta Be [1999 Mix]
  2. Life [Cosmack Mix]
  3. I Ain't Movin' [CandJ Club Mix]
  4. Mind Adventures [Monster Mix]
  5. Feel So High [Elevation Mix]
  6. You Gotta Be [Blacksmith Mix]
  7. What's Your Sign?
  8. Living In The City [Meme's Extended Version]
  9. I Ain't Movin' [Femi Fem Basic Mix]
  10. You Gotta Be [Frankie Foncett Mix]
  11. Feel So High [Family Stand Mix]
  12. Life
  1. Silent Hero
  2. Get a Life
  3. I Ain't Movin' [Family Stand Acoustic Mix]
  4. Innocent and Naive
  5. Warm Hands, Cold Heart
  6. I Ain't Movin' [Live]
  7. Little Child [Live]
  8. Looking Philosophical
  9. Caring World
  10. Soul Mates
  11. Feel So High [Live]
  12. You Gotta Be [Live]
  13. Life [Live]