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Momma Please Don't Cry Lyrics

The song Momma Please Don't Cry is performed by Des'ree in the album named Mind Adventures in the year 1995 .

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When your mother starts to scold you
She says it's cos I love you
Momma please don't cry
But it don't make matters better
When you resemble you father and you learn
That the alimonies run dry

Momma please don't cry
You know you'd never ask me why
I'll wipe the tears that flow from your eyes
And hold you like you're used to hold me

So she smiles but is she happy
She smiles but she ain't happy
Sadness still glistens in her eyes
When she thinks of that man who
She gave most of her life to
In her heart she feels like she would die

So you try to console her, she sees her baby's growing older
One day you'll rise up and take your leave
Then she'll stand by the window, looking pale as a shadow
Words of love faintly echo in her ear

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Apr 1995
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