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Feint Lyrics

The song Feint is performed by Epica in the album named Classical Conspiracy in the year 2009 .

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The very brightest candle of all has been extinguished
Smothered by those who could not bear to face reality

Every beat of your heart tore the lies all apart
Made foundations quiver
Every wave in the lake caused the porcelain to break
And I shiver...

The leftover tallow just doesn't contain
All the right answers
Under a sea of dust lies a vast wealth of wisdom

An untuched snow turns red
Innocence dies

This black page in history is not colourfast,
will stain the next
All that remains is just a feint of what was meant to be
This black page in history is not colourfast,
will stain the next
And nothing seems in life,
in dreams like what was meant to be

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