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Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks was born on 07 Feb 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. His birth name was Troyal Garth Brooks. His is also called Garth Brooks.

He is a country music artist.Troubled by conflicts between career and family, Brooks officially retired from recording and performing from 2001 until 2009.During this time he sold millions of albums through an exclusive distribution deal with Wal-Mart and has sporadically released new singles.In 2005, Brooks started a partial comeback, and has since given several performances and released two compilation albums.

Garth Brooks released the following albums including Beyond the Season (1992), The Hits (1994), The Limited Series (1998), Double Live (1998), The Life Of Chris Gaines (1999), Garth Brooks and The Magic of Christmas (1999), No Fences (2000), Sevens (2007), Scarecrow (2007), Ropin' the Wind (2007), In Pieces (2007), Garth Brooks (2007), Fresh Horses (2007), The Ultimate Hits ( Garth Brooks ) (2007) and The Lost Sessions (2008).

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In Pieces
Aug 2007
  1. The Night I Called the Old Man Out
  2. American Honkey-Tonk Bar Association
  3. Ain't Going down (Til The Sun Comes Up)
  4. The Red Strokes
  5. The Night Will Only Know
  6. The Cowboy Song
  1. Good Ride Cowboy
  2. Allison Miranda
  3. Love will Always Win
  4. She Don't Care About Me
  5. That Girl Is a Cowboy
  6. Fishin' in the Dark
  7. For a Minute There
  8. I'd Rather Have Nothing
  9. Cowgirl's Saddle
  10. Under the Table
  11. American Dream
  12. I'll Be the Wind
  13. Meet Me in Love
  14. You Can't Help Who You Love
  15. Please Operator (Could You Trace This Call)
  16. My Baby No Esta Aqui
  17. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream
  1. The Thunder Rolls (long Version)
  2. American Honk Tonk Bar Association
  3. Beer Run (B-double E-double Are You In?)
  4. The Beaches Of Cheyenne
  5. The Gift
  6. Workin' For a Livin'
  7. Fever, The
  8. Santa Looked Alot Like Daddy
  9. (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays
  10. Kickin' & Screamin'
  11. Cat's In The Cradle
  12. Much Too Young (too Feel This Damn Old)
  13. That Girl Is A Cowboy
  14. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
  15. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  16. Two Pina Colladas
  17. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
  18. When You Come Back to Me Agian
  19. Under The Table
  20. Hard Luck Woman
  21. Fishin' In The Dark
  22. Tearin' It Up (And Burning It Down)
  23. More Then a Memory
  24. Wild As The Wind
  25. I'll Be The Wind
  26. Long Neck Bottle
  27. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  28. Mayby
  29. Mr. Midnight
  30. My Baby No Esta Aqui No More
  31. Pushing Up Daisies
  32. Squeeze Me In (Garth Brooks with Trisha Yearwood)
  33. Zat You, Santa Claus?
  34. Someday Soon
  35. Ain't Goin' Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)
  36. Christmas Song
  37. The Old Stuff
  38. Wise Men's Journey [Instrumental]
  39. Meet Me In Love
  40. Tearin' It Up (And Burnin' It Down)
  41. Call Me Claus
  42. Leave The Light On
  43. Old Stuff, The
  44. The Friendly Beast
  45. For Once in My Life
  46. 'Zat You Santa Clause?
  47. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream
  48. Home for The Holidays
  49. Dr. Pepper
  50. Friends In Low Places (long Version)
  51. Change, The
  52. Love Will Always Win
  53. On a Prayer
  54. For A Minute There
  55. Beaches Of Cheyenne, The
  56. Going Down
  57. Beer Run (B-double E-double Are You In?) (Garth Brooks with George Jones)
  58. Please Operator (Could You Trace This Call)
  59. Ain't Going down (Til The Sun Comes Up)
  60. I Don't Have to Wonder Anymore
  61. Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)
  62. The Old Man's Back in Town