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Mr. Limousine Driver Lyrics

Hey, Mr. limousine driver,
Can I ask you a favor, please?
Let her in my door and don't look back here no more,
I know you can do it with ease.

Although, we're on our way from the show,
And you don't like to get off the track.
Please, Mr. chauffeur, let's talk things over,
'Cause she says she loves me and that's a fact.

Can you hear what I'm sayin', it's not like I'm prayin',
You know, because you've done it before.
So, why make me wait, please don't hesitate,
Just get back here, and let her in my door.

Hey, Mr. limousine driver,
I know you know where it's at.
Too late will be later, you just read your evening paper,
And don't worry 'bout what's goin' on in back.

Hey, Mr. limousine driver ...

Hey, Mr. limousine driver ...

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