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5 Shots Of Whiskey Lyrics

Livin' alone,
singin' my songs.
Thinkin' bout' the good times,
when you were my own.
Lady taught me how to hurt and cry.
And each day I'm not with you I die more inside.
Honey, sweet lady.
why did you go?
and leave me here dieing here alone in my world.
Its all gone wrong.
Since you've been gone.

So give me 5 shots of whiskey to help kill the missery,
and pain, you put me through.
Thanks for the good times, for they were the best of my life,
I spent with you.
now what can i do? / I still love you.

Walkin' on broadway not havin' a care.
I see you with and your new guy who's strokin' your hair.
I can't keep stayin' here in my hometown.
Got get on with my life somehow.
It's all gone wrong.
Since You've been gone.


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