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Huey Lewis & The News

Huey Lewis and the News is an American rock band based in San Francisco, California. Their worldwide fame expanded when the song "The Power of Love" was featured as a key track in the film Back to the Future, and became a number-one hit. "Back in Time" was also used in the movie. The News combined a rock (and sometimes, a "blues rock") backing with soul and doo-wop-influenced harmony vocals and Lewis's voice.

Huey Lewis & The News released the following albums including Four Chords & Several Years Ago (1994), Huey Lewis & the News/Picture This (1998), Plan B (2001), Thirty Six All Time Greatest (2002), Live at 25 (2005), Greatest Hits (2006) and Time Flies: The Best of Huey Lewis & the News (2007).

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  1. Some of My Lies Are True (Sooner or Later)
  2. Don't Make Me Do It
  3. Stop Trying
  4. Now Here's You
  5. I Want You
  6. Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love Me
  7. Hearts
  8. Trouble in Paradise
  9. Who Cares?
  10. If You Really Love Me You'll Let Me
  11. Change of Heart
  12. Tell Me a Little Lie
  13. Tattoo (Giving It All up for Love)
  14. Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
  15. Workin' for a Livin'
  16. Do You Believe in Love
  17. Is It Me?
  18. Whatever Happened to True Love
  19. The Only One
  20. Buzz Buzz Buzz
Plan B
Jul 2001
  1. We're Not Here For A Long Time (We're Here For A Good Time)
  2. My Other Woman
  3. I Ain't Perfect
  4. When I Write The Book
  5. I'm Not In Love Yet (with Wynonna)
  6. Thank You #19
  7. Plan B
  8. The Rhythm Ranch
  9. Let Her Go and Start Over
  10. I Never Think About you
  11. So Little Kindness
Live at 25
May 2005
  1. Heart of Rock & Roll
  2. So Little Kindness
  3. Thank You #19
  4. I Want A New Drug/Small World
  5. If This Is It
  6. Power Of Love
  7. Some of My Lies Are True
  8. Do You Believe in Love
  9. It's All Right
  10. Bad Is Bad
  11. Heart and Soul
  12. But It's Allright
  13. (Too) Hip to Be Square
  14. We're Not Here For A Long Time (We're Here for a Good Time)
  15. Back in Time
Greatest Hits
May 2006
  1. The Heart Of Rock & Roll (Single Edit) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  2. I Want A New Drug (Single Edit) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  3. The Power Of Love (2006 Digital Remaster)
  4. Jacob's Ladder (2006 Digital Remaster)
  5. Stuck With You (Single Edit) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  6. Doing It All For My Baby (2006 Digital Remaster)
  7. If This Is It (2006 Digital Remaster)
  8. Do You Believe In Love (2006 Digital Remaster)
  9. Heart And Soul (2006 Digital Remaster)
  10. Back In Time (2006 Digital Remaster)
  11. Perfect World (Single Edit) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  12. I Know What I Like (Single Edit) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  13. Trouble In Paradise (Live) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  14. It's All Right
  15. Cruisin' (Single Edit)
  16. Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do (2006 Digital Remaster)
  17. Small World (Single Edit) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  18. But It's Alright
  19. Hip To Be Square (2006 Digital Remaster)
  20. Couple Days Off (Single Edit) (2006 Digital Remaster)
  21. Workin For A Livin