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Alive N' Kickin' Lyrics

Back in the days of the 33 and 45
First time I remember feelin' alive
Playin' like a'ringin' a bell 'n' I learned it off the radio
Sure it was only mama's broom but I was strummin' like a fool
A true believer till the day I die
If you'd a plugged me in, in front of all my friends
I would'a set the livin' room on fire

I was alive
Alive 'n' Kickin'
Like a time bomb tickin'
Headed for the Hullaballoo
There were no big gigs in sight
No bright white-hot spotlight
But everybody knew that I was Alive 'n' Kickin'

Got in a battle of the bands when I stole my big brother's guitar
Let me tell you, that'll never get you far
2000 Overnights later 'n' I'm still not on the radio

Got a new Best Friend
He was more than Sittin' In
'N' we were makin' our mark on the road
Our regalia'd hit Full Sail
'N' we were trapped into the Mother Lode

We was alive
Alive 'n' Kickin'
Like a time-bomb tickin'
On the cover of the Rollin' Stone
As far as we could see
It was the way it was meant to be
The whole world knew that we was
Alive 'n' Kickin'

It's been miles 'n' miles
Still Alive
And pickin'

Now I'm in the daze of the downloadin' digital fights
Bit by bit, byte by byte
But everybody says it's music 'cause they hear it on the radio

'N' when I hit the stage I'm gonna rattle your cage
I still remember how to howl at the moon
And I can carry the load whether I'm on the road
Or jus' appearing in my living room

'Cause I am alive
Alive 'n' Kickin'
Like a time-bomb tickin'
This boy's ready to blow

Don't need to tell you why
I'm gonna love to do it 'til the day I die
Everybody's gonna know that I
Am Alive 'n' Kickin'

We been rockin' since '73
And just between you 'n' me
You better believe that we
Are alive
Alive 'n' Kickin'

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