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Birth Energy Lyrics

The song Birth Energy is performed by Kenny Loggins in the album named The Unimaginable Life in the year 1997 .

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I am opening
I am opening up

Birth energy, be my teacher
Birth energy, heal my fears
Teach me trust, teach me compa*sion
Walk me into the darkness and into your light

Birth energy, you are woman
Birth energy, within the Man
Ever constant, ever changing
Let your winds blow, rock me in your storm

Let the bough break
Let me fall into your arms
It is you I trust
When I say I'm trusting Love

I stand among the sisters of the moon
I am held by the creator of the world
I am opening, I am unbounded
I am luminous, I am powerful

I surrender to this power
Life and newness are continued
And renewed through me

You are the ocean, I ride upon your waves
I am opening, I am blown apart by your caress
I surrender to you, I embrace you

I am ready now to sing the moon
To be her voice
I am the singer and life is her song
I sing creation, I sing joy and pain

Beginning and ending, giving and taking
Existence, goddess I embrace you
I am opening, I am opening up

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Kenny Loggins - The Unimaginable Life