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Rainy Night In Tokyo Lyrics

The song Rainy Night In Tokyo is performed by Michael Franks in the album named Love Songs in the year 2004 .

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Seventh of September
Remember when
We met at the shrine
Your kimono looked so fine
Temple dancers swaying
Flutes playing then
I was yours and you were mine
Paul Desmond on the stereo
We sipped the sake very slow
Kissing in the candleglow
That rainy night in Tokyo
We both got so hungry on the bullet train
Lugging our luggage through the station
Finding a taxi in the pouring rain
We must have made quite a sight
In love on a rainy night
And due for a little celebration
Safe from stormy weather
Together we
Stayed inside our room
Just admiring the typhoon
Heard the cats arrive
Nearly five but we
Were still making love in tune

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