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Doin' Our Own Thing Lyrics

The song Doin' Our Own Thing is performed by Nice & Smooth in the album named Jewel of the Nile in the year 1994 .

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Watch out now
Shit, you didn't tell homey that, and walked on out the joint



We just doin our own thang, thang, thang
We be doin our own thang, thang, thang
We just doin our own thang, thang, thang
(Freaky deaky deaky you don't stop stop)

[Greg Nice]
Put your hand up high high, now put em high

Uno dos tres, one two three
Its the fly kid Greg N-I-C-E
Down with my partner in crime Smooth B
We always 4 deep in the Diamante
Ridin around to boogie down without a care
Stop at the light, the people stop and stare
They say, yo Rick here come the chubby cheek fella
The one who kick the rhymes like a fortune teller
So I went downtown to the P.R Parade
The ?? skins they got it made
Let me touch your wet body, lay it in the shade
And kiss you down there cause I'm not afraid
Now don't go run tellin all yo friends
That yo, Mr. Chubby cheeks ate the skins
Cause if you do, I'll have a flashback and run ant tell the crew
And do what I gotta do
Greg N-I, low key, downlow
Rhymin fast, rhymin slow
Intoxicated from the hydro
No, yo, I didn't say blow
Put your hands up high and act like you know
The funk I be kickin is crit-i-cal


[Smooth B]
Time and again, I reflect way back in the day
I used to say
I wanna be a rap star
Drive a big car
People know who we are, by far
It was more to it
Had to run through it, pursue it
Hmm, just do it
A dream came to, but not a fairytale
I can tell you a scary tell, but no on this track
I prefer to keep it pedal to the metal
This beat reminds me of Hansel and Gretel
The kids will love it, they can stunt to it
Adults will adore it, they can smoke a blunt to it
Courtesy of Mark the spark
Beat fiend, he can make beats in the dark
Now this was designed for the nerves in the center
When I was born I was covered in placenta
Cute little nigga, now I've grown bigger
Victorious with vem and vigor
Inventor, stayin on point like a splenter
Design a rhyme like Oscar De La Renta, placenta
Though I'm not a five, I gotta keep it live
So on I strive


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Nice & Smooth - Jewel of the Nile