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Return Of The Hip Hop Freak Lyrics

- Let's go all the way daddy
- I mean they gone have to rewrite the mackin book baby
- cause I'm gone be the new king
- They gone be talkin bout us like they been talkin bout Jesus

It's the return of the hip hop freaks
It's the return of the hip hop freaks
It's the return of the hip hop freaks
I wanna do the nasty, I wanna make you weak

[Greg Nice:]

Now five plus five equals ten
Jet black hair, butter soft skin
Chucky said, friends to the end
Walk this way I love that strut
It's alright, uhn shake that butt
Nails filed so neat and petite
Perfume aroma smell so sweet
Some may say, that s*x is a sin
I wanna be an a witness ten
Umm baby tell me how I make you feel
Shed some light on your s*x appeal
No cock block tonight, tell your girlfrien Jill
Pa*s the prophylactic and pop the pill
If the food tank stink, than use a Ma*sengill
Peace to Arkill and Cypress Hill
Pop that coochie at your own will


[Smooth B:]

Don't give me no lip no
We came equip yo
Move to this funky beat like Calypso
Never was a ????
Dipped in the winter, dipped in the summer
Me and Greg Nice got money to make
Bring the rain, snow, hail, earthquake
New York, Brooklyn handle Melida
Met this girly Bita, twin sister name Sherita
When I ate the poom poom, she asked me could I beat her
Not with my fist, but beat her with my peter
Thought to myself, no idea sweeter
Butter complexion, super erection
Couldn't make a move without protection
Now I'm strapped type, ready for flight
Ahhh schooly wahwah


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