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Harmonize Lyrics

The song Harmonize is performed by Nice & Smooth in the album named Ain't a Damn Thing Changed in the year 1994 .

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This is the way we harmonize (4x)
Smooth B, can you harmonize?
(Yes) I can harmonize
Greg Nice, can you harmonize?
(Yes) I can harmonize (2x)
[ Greg Nice ]
Ladies call me Candyman
Flowin through the hour gla*s just like sand
Like the piano I am grand
Rush the stage, don't need no stand
Just my fans wavin their hands
Put it in stereo, put it in pan
Grand vernacular, spectacular
(Yo gee, he bit yo shit like Dracula)
Puff, the Magic Dragon
I'm not braggin, lollygaggin
Got much clout, drink Guiness Stout
(Yo gee, here's the pipe) (Count me out)
No way Jos
You like my style plus my clichee
Troop along, a share of ricochet
Eratic, got a bad habit
See that redbone? I already stabbed it
Hold that blunt too long, I'm gonna grab it
[ Smooth B ]
Go within, feel your heartbeat, then
Let your soul and mind blend, grin
Now you're at peace with yourself
And that's more than material wealth
Cause everytime I put my mind on God
Things really don't seem so hard
And I can be the man I really wanna be
(Smooth) and that's more than an MC
Everytime I rock a mic
It's like ology-psych
And I just wanna press on like Lee
And make a movie like Spike
But I proceed to give you what you need
Indeed, my rhymes take heed
Mystical, magical, metaphysical topics
And no one can stop this
This is the way we harmonize
[ Pure Blend ]
Nice & Smooth and Pure Blend are back again
(You know we're back again)

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