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How To Flow Lyrics

The song How To Flow is performed by Nice & Smooth in the album named Ain't a Damn Thing Changed in the year 1994 .

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I'm Greg Nice
And I am MC Smooth B
Together we are Nice & Smooth with Pure Blend harmony
And just in case you've wondered where we roamed
We'll say that we're sorry for keeping you waiting so long
[ VERSE 1: Greg Nice ]
Now countries at war, little kids cry rape
Some are lyin, dyin, cryin, pullin on my cape
Ma*sive meltdown, bring the red tape
Back up victims who caught the vapes
New lp, time to make papes
Get the album, the single, cd and tapes
Stylin, profilin, smilin, buck wildin
As the dough keeps on pilin
Somebody's knockin at my do'
(Who is it?) Somebody's ringin my bell
(Should I let em in?) Oh, what the hell
Flippin my wig like I never did before
Got my rhymes than the mighty Thor
Peace, arrivederci, I'm out the door
Yeah, yeah
Make it rain, mutha
[ VERSE 2: Smooth B ]
I'm Smooth B, I'm at the top of the pile
Rap and sing, cause I'm versatile
Give me an inch, damn right, I'll take a mile
Cause I keep funky fresh routines on file
There's a lot of MC's out there that show and don't prove
Runnin round town, talkin bout they're smooth
They're smooth operators, Smooth imitators
But only one Smooth B, the smooth originator
Smooth connaisseur, there's no one truer
Select a rhyme, and you'll find that few are
Able to match my professional blend
With Greg Nice by my side I continue to ascend
Movin on up through the lyrical light
I'm like the Alpha Omega, my rhymes will excite
Bust what I'm sayin, cause I'll always exist
And the girl that I select will be an emperess
[ VERSE 3: Greg Nice ]
Now I scooped this high heel, sweet as a shroodle
Found out she liked to eat noodles
For her birthday I bought her a french poodle
Now - get down, get down
It's a Friday night, let's paint the town
Tim Snake on the funky drum sound
Can I tic-toc, ah-ha, toc-tic?
No other than my man Slick Nick is on the mix
25 lashes, 35 licks
As I pose in a mackadocious stand
Maybe one day I might have a band
It ain't gonna rain no more no more
It ain't gonna rain no more
Comin this summer, catch us out on tour
I wanna see you (girl next door)
I got more rhymes in store
Watch my hand as I slam the door
[ VERSE 4: Smooth B ]
Smooth B, I'm like a lotus flower, with great power
And all invadin perpetrators I must devour
Excelling to a level in time, not like a vagabond
Not like a rattling snake, I'm not from Babylon
Much like a prince on a throne, within a state of my own
I'm not a kid, I'm grown
Righteously leading a path, my wisdom's shown
Phone calls I'll accept, Smooth, I keep a positive rep
Call me the Tap Dance Man, I never stutter or step
And wrong doing's my mission, it's just influencing you
To benefit, cause I'm legit - and I can't quit
Conversed with prophets on how we must receive our blessings
Studying hard every night, I have reviewed my lessons
And now I'm ready and strong, I'm movin right, not wrong
I'm battling back and forth, like a game of ping-pong
Prevailing victoriously, I must continue to strive
Focussing on destinies to keep my spirit alive

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