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The Day He Wore My Crown Lyrics

The Day He Wore My Crown
By: Phil Johnson

The city was Jerusalem. The time was long ago.
The people called Him Jesus. The crime was the love He showed.

And I’m the one to blame. I caused all the pain.
He gave Himself…The Day He Wore My Crown

He brought me love that only He could give.
I brought him cause to cry; and though He taught me how to live…
I taught Him how to die!

(Repeat Chorus)

He could have called His Holy Father and said,
“Take Me away, please take Me away!”
He could have said, “I’m not guilty,
and I’m not gonna stay. I’m not gonna pay!”

But He walked right through the gate and then on up the hill
and as He fell beneath the weight, He cried,
He cried, “Father not my will!”

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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