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Open Your Eyes Lyrics

The song Open Your Eyes is performed by Stryper in the album named Reborn in the year 2005 .

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Signs surround us
We fail to see
Through the simplicity of ourselves

Our crimes have found us
We try to escape every day from this cell
There’s no way out when you’re living in hell (unless you)

Open your eyes
Loosen the vice that constrains you
Open your eyes
Burn the disguise that you wear
Open your eyes
Break the unfaith that controls you
Open your eyes
The truth will be there

Stones have crushed us
Water has rotted
The walls of our crumbling domain

The fire has rushed us
It’s burning the waste that we grasp and cling to
There is a way out, but you’ll never climb through (unless you)

(Repeat Chorus)

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Stryper - Reborn