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Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies,was formed in Venice, Los Angeles, California, in 1981 , is an American crossover thrash and hardcore punk band. To date, Suicidal Tendencies have released ten studio albums (one of which is composed of never-before material and the other is a re-recording of their first album), two compilation albums, four split albums, one VHS, and one EP.

Suicidal Tendencies released the following albums including Lights...Camera...Revolution! (1990), Join the Army (1990), How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today (1990), Still Cyco After All These Years (1993), F N G (1993), Prime Cuts: The Best of Suicidal Tendencies (1997), Six the Hard Way (1998), Suicidal Tendencies (2001), Freedumb (2001), The Art of Rebellion (2008), Feel Like Shit Deja Vu Controlled by Hatred (2008), Suicidal for Life (2008), Suicidal Tendencies 25th Anniversary Edition (2008), Playlist: The Very Best of Suicidal Tendencies (2010) and No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family (2010).

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  1. Suicide's An Alternative/ You'll Be Sorry
  2. Two-Sided Politics
  3. Subliminal
  4. I Shot The Devil
  5. Won't Fall In Love Today
  6. Institutionalized [Explicit]
  7. War Inside My Head
  8. Don't Give Me Your Nothin'
  9. Memories Of Tomorrow
  10. Go Skate! (Possessed To Skate '97)
  11. I Saw Your Mommy
  12. Fascist Pig 1
  13. A Little Each Day
  14. I Want More
  15. Suicidal Failure
Nov 1993
  1. Suicide's An Alternative - You'll Be Sorry
  2. Join The Army
  3. Trip At The Brain
  4. Suicidal Failure
  5. I Shot The Devil
  6. Suicidal Maniac
  7. Institutionalised
  8. I Feel Your Pain And I Survive
  9. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
  10. Possessed
  11. If I Don't Wake Up
  12. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right (But They Make Me Feel A Whole Lot Better)
  13. I Saw Your Mommy
  14. Human Guinea
  15. Subliminal
  16. Surf & Slam
  17. Possessed To Skate
  18. I Want More
  19. The Feeling's Back
  20. A Little Each Day
  21. Suicyco Mania
  22. Pledge Your Allegiance
  1. You Can't Bring Me Down
  2. Join The New Army
  3. Lovely
  4. Institutionalized [Explicit]
  5. Gotta Kill Captain Stupid [Explicit]
  6. Berserk! [Explicit]
  7. Send Me Your Money [Explicit]
  8. Pledge Your Allegiance [Explicit]
  9. Feeding The Addiction. [Explicit]
  10. I Wasn't Ment To Feel This/Asleep At The Wheel [Explicit]
  11. Send Me Your Money [Explicit]
  12. No Fuck'n Problem [Explicit]
  13. Go Skate! (Possessed To Skate '97) [Explicit]
  14. Nobody Hears [Explicit]
  15. How Will I Laugh Tommorrow [Explicit]
Six the Hard Way
Nov 1998
  1. Freedumb
  2. Cyco Vision
  3. Refuse
  4. What's The Word?
  5. Fascist Pig
  6. I Saw Your Mommy
  1. Suicide's An Alternative/You'll Be Sorry [remastered]
  2. Two Sided Politics [remastered]
  3. I Shot The Devil [remastered]
  4. Subliminal [remastered]
  5. Won't Fall In Love Today [remastered]
  6. Institutionalized [remastered]
  7. Memories Of Tomorrow [remastered]
  8. Possessed [remastered]
  9. I Saw Your Mommy... [remastered]
  10. Fascist Pig [remastered]
  11. I Want More [remastered]
  12. Suicidal Failure [remastered]
  1. Suicidal Maniac
  2. Possessed To Skate
  3. The Prisoner
  4. I Feel Your Pain...And I Survive
  5. Join The ST Army
  6. No Name, No Words
  7. Born To Be Cyco
  8. Come Alive [Explicit]
  9. Something Inside Me
  10. No Mercy Fool!
  11. We're F'n Evil [Explicit]
  12. Crazy But Proud
  13. I'm Your Nightmare [Explicit]
  14. Widespread Bloodshed...Love Runs Red