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Fido Lyrics

The song Fido is performed by The Byrds in the album named Ballad of Easy Rider in the year 2008 .

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Fido stayed all night, he would not go home
I asked him to leave, I said I do not have that bone
I was feelin' lonesome sittin' by the phone
Wide awake stayin' up late wishin' I was home

You were on the outside talking to some chick
I was on the inside feelin' mighty sick
Sleep is what I wanted, you know what I got
Wide awake...

Dogs have it made, lyin' round in the shade
Never have to worry about get there on time
I can't help but wonder what was on your mind
Ridin' round in the pouring rain, havin a heck of time
Livin' may be easy, dyin' may be hard
But I'm wide awake stayin' up late, sendin' my regards

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