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The Offspring

Since its formation, the band's line-up had included Dexter Holland (lead vocals, guitar), Noodles (lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals), Greg K. (bass, backing vocals), and Ron Welty (drums, percussion), who left in 2003. Their current drummer is Pete Parada, formerly of Face to Face, and Saves the Day, who has been with the band since 2007.

The Offspring released the following albums including Ignition (1993), Smash (1994), The Offspring (1995), Ixnay on the Hombre (1997), Americana (1998), Conspiracy of One (2000), Million Miles Away (2002), Splinter (2003), The Offspring - Greatest Hits (2005), Greatest Hits (2005), Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace (2008) and Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace (2008).

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