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Not A Bad Thing Lyrics

I'm sittin' in this cafe
People talkin' so loud
I can't hear myself think
And that's not a bad thing

The coffee keeps on coming
Waiter keeps smilin'
As I'm ridin' on this river of caffeine
And that's not a bad thing

I used to feel sorry for someone like me
In a corner booth
Pretendin' to read on a Friday night
I used to say, "It just ain't right"

How could anybody ever have any fun
Without somebody, without someone?
It never dawned on me, the possibility
That it's not a bad thing

All those thoughts
Of how would I live without you
Tonight you know, they're few and far between
The waiter's name is Joey, he told me

And that's when I noticed
He ain't wearing any ring
And that's not a bad thing

There's a tug on the edge of my heart
It's you again sayin'
"Don't you start lettin' go of me"
But I'm not listenin'

For once in my life, I'll feel what I feel
Let it be, let it be real, let it flow through me
And wash me clean
That's not a bad thing, it's not a bad thing

As I'm drivin' home
I'm thinkin' the worst might be over
Or maybe I'm a little bit naive
But the street lights seem brighter

As I walk up to my front door
I'm all alone when I turn the key
And it's not a bad thing
No, it's not a bad thing

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