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Within Temptation

Within Temptation is a Dutch rock/metal band.It was not until 2001 that they became known to the general public, with the single "Ice Queen" from the album Mother Earth, which reached #2 on the Dutch charts.Since then, the band won the Conamus Exportprijs five years in a row.

Within Temptation released the following albums including The Dance (Enhanced) (1998), Running Up That Hill Pt.2 (2004), Running Up That Hill Pt.1 (2004), Stand My Ground 2 (2005), The Heart of Everything (2007), Enter (2007), Silent Force (2008), Mother Earth (2008), Black Symphony (2008) and An Acoustic Night at the Theatre (2009).

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  1. (CD ROM)
  2. The Dance
  3. Another Day
  4. The Other Half (Of Me)
  5. Restless (Remix)
  6. Candles And Pearls Of Light (Remix)
  1. Running Up That Hill
  2. Running Up That Hill (Live At The Edisons, Amsterdam)
  3. Deceiver Of Fools
  4. Caged
  1. Stand My Ground
  2. Overcome
  3. It's The Fear
  4. Towards The End
  5. Swan Song
  1. The Howling (Album Version)
  2. What Have You Done [Feat. Keith Caputo] [US Edit]
  3. Frozen
  4. Our Solemn Hour
  5. The Heart Of Everything
  6. Hand Of Sorrow
  7. The Cross (Album Version)
  8. Final Destination
  9. All I Need
  10. Stand My Ground (Album Version)
  11. The Truth Beneath The Rose
  12. Forgiven
  13. What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo)
Silent Force
Aug 2008
  1. Intro (Album Version)
  2. See Who I Am (Album Version)
  3. Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) (Album Version)
  4. Stand My Ground
  5. Pale (Album Version)
  6. Forsaken (Album Version)
  7. Angels (Album Version)
  8. Memories (Album Version)
  9. Aquarius (Album Version)
  10. It's The Fear (Album Version)
  11. Somewhere (Album Version)
  12. Destroyed (Demo Version) (Album Version)
  13. Jane Doe ( Bonus Track) (Album Version)
Black Symphony
Sep 2008
  1. Ouverture [Live Audio]
  2. Jillian [I'd Give My Heart] [Live Audio]
  3. The Howling [Live Audio]
  4. Stand My Ground [Live Audio]
  5. The Cross [Live Audio]
  6. What Have You Done [Live Audio]
  7. Hand of Sorrow [Live Audio]
  8. The Heart Of Everything [Live Audio]
  9. Forgiven [Live Audio]
  10. Somewhere [Live Audio]
  11. The Swan Song [Live Audio]
  12. Memories [Live Audio]
  13. Our Solemn Hour [Live Audio]
  14. The Other Half [Of Me] [Live Audio]
  15. Frozen [Live Audio]
  16. The Promise [Live Audio]
  17. Angels [Live Audio]
  18. Mother Earth [Live Audio]
  19. The Truth Beneath The Rose [Live Audio]
  20. Deceiver Of Fools [Live Audio]
  21. All I Need [Live Audio]
  22. Ice Queen [Live Aud
  1. Towards The End
  2. Stand My Ground
  3. Caged
  4. All I Need
  5. Frozen
  6. Somewhere [Feat Anneke Van Giersbergen]
  7. The Cross
  8. Pale
  9. What Have You Done [Feat Keith Caputo]
  10. Memories
  11. Forgiven
  12. Utopia [Feat Chris Jones]