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Black Symphony (2008)

The album Black Symphony is released by Within Temptation in the year 2008 .

  1. Ouverture [Live Audio]
  2. Jillian [I'd Give My Heart] [Live Audio]
  3. The Howling [Live Audio]
  4. Stand My Ground [Live Audio]
  5. The Cross [Live Audio]
  6. What Have You Done [Live Audio]
  7. Hand of Sorrow [Live Audio]
  8. The Heart Of Everything [Live Audio]
  9. Forgiven [Live Audio]
  10. Somewhere [Live Audio]
  11. The Swan Song [Live Audio]
  12. Memories [Live Audio]
  13. Our Solemn Hour [Live Audio]
  14. The Other Half [Of Me] [Live Audio]
  15. Frozen [Live Audio]
  16. The Promise [Live Audio]
  17. Angels [Live Audio]
  18. Mother Earth [Live Audio]
  19. The Truth Beneath The Rose [Live Audio]
  20. Deceiver Of Fools [Live Audio]
  21. All I Need [Live Audio]
  22. Ice Queen [Live Aud