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Keeps On Rainin' Lyrics

One dark and stormy night
Big John was feeling blue
Things didn't seem right
So he didn't know just what to do

I said do please tell me
Ain't you satisfied?
He looked around so pitiful
And to me he replied

Keeps on raining
Look how it's raining
Daddy he can't make no time

Wind keeps blowing
Cold wind's blowing
Soon I'll find

In the winter time
When it starts to snow
I know, Billy
You've got to have some dough

Keeps on raining
Look how it's raining
Daddy he can't make no time

Ain't the rain just beautiful
Some people say
But I'd rather see it
In a fine movie place

Keeps on raining
Look how it's raining
Your daddy he can't make no time
No daddy he can't make no time

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