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Wonderful, Wonderful Lyrics

The song Wonderful, Wonderful is performed by Sebadoh in the album named III in the year 2006 .

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Sometimes we walk hand-in-hand by the sea
And we breathe in the cool salty air
You turn to me with a kiss in your eyes
And my heart feels a thrill beyond compare
Then your lips cling to mine
It's wonderful, wonderful
Oh, so wonderful, My Love
Sometimes we stand on the top of a hill
And we gaze at the earth and the sky
I turn to you and you melt in my arms
Here we are darling, only you and I
For a moment to share
It's wonderful, wonderful
Oh, so wonderful, My Love
The world is full of wondrous things, its true
But they wouldn't have much meaning without you
Some quiet evening I sit by your side
And we're lost in a world of our own
I feel the glow of your arms holding love
I'm aware of the treasure that I own
And I say to myself,
"It's wonderful, wonderful"
Oh, so wonderful, My Love

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