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GET9 Lyrics

The song GET9 is performed by Yoko Kanno in the album named Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in the year 2004 .

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After dark
We kick in super funk
Best stay clear
And hope it's not too bright
If a tricky situation
Gets your mother motivated
That's nice
Meet me after nine
Hip- hopadelic delight
Run rabbit conformation (synthetic application)
Ain't no nine to five
If you can dig it, alright!
Do what we can
Won't worry tomorrow
Kick in the countdown
Saddled up and sactified
Get 9
Get 9
Save your soul
Better make up your mind
Save your soul
Or you're gonna do time
Cuz we're hot
Too cool
So tight
So fine
Hyper cyberdelic and gold
Get 9

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