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Lithium Flower Lyrics

she's so cold and human
it's something humans do
she stays so golden solo
she's so number nine
she's incredible math
just incredible math

and is she really human?
she's just so something new
a waking lithium flower
just about to bloom
I smell lithium now
smelling lithium now

how is she when she doesn't surf?X3
I wonder what she does when she wakes up?
when she wakes up

so matador
so calm
so oil on a fire
she's so good
she's so goddess lithium flower
so sonic wave
yeah, she's so groove, yeah
she's so groove

wow, where did she learn how to surf?X3
you know I've never seen the wipe out

how does she so perfectly surf?X3
I wonder what she does when she wakes up?

I wanna go surfing with her X4

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