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Idiots Rule Lyrics

The song Idiots Rule is performed by Jane's Addiction in the album named A Cabinet of Curiosities in the year 2009 .

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I got a lie, fat f**kin' lie 'bout a law idiots obey
They made it easy, cheaters have their way
You hi di ho, you're livin' on your knees

Forget the rule
Oh, oh oh oh, idiots rule
Forget the rule
Oh, oh oh oh, idiots rule

Now there's a time but I say none like now
Men, there's a time where idiots are bound
If there's a pole planted in your back
Then you're a fixture, you're no man

Forget the rule
Oh, oh oh oh, idiots rule
Forget the rule
Oh, oh oh oh, idiots rule

C'mon, kiss you, motherf**ker
f**kin', s*ckin', take it

Idiot, idiots rule
Idiot, idiots rule
You idiot, idiots rule, yeah

You know that man you hate?
You look more like him every day
Hi di hos

Too good shoe won't save your soul, yeah ha
Idiots rule, idiots rule
Idiots rule, oh, yeah


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