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Mrs. Robota Lyrics

The song Mrs. Robota is performed by Modern Talking in the album named All the Best in the year 2008 .

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Oh, everyday and just every night
I see your face, babe on my laptop screen
You're high and low and just between
Oh, everyday and just every night

I send an e-mail to the dream factory
I asked if you're reality
But more and more
I like you more than just before

Oh, la da die, oh, la da da
Only a vision, Mrs. Robota
Oh, oh, oh, la da die, oh, la da da
Only a computer, without a heart

Oh Mrs. Robota, just a fantasy can't break my heart
Mrs. Robota, only a fiction, right from the starts
It's impossible

Oh, every morning, when I wake up
I push the bottom for a brand new game
Can't live without you, it's a shame
I hear your voice and I see your face

I can't believe, oh babe, you blow my mind
There is no answer, I can find

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Modern Talking - All the Best

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