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Ready for the Victory Lyrics

The song Ready for the Victory is performed by Modern Talking in the album named All the Best in the year 2008 .

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You're in our hearts
Just from round to round
You will be the champion
The king without a crown

Like a fireball
You'll never never give up
Hear the engine call
Waiting for the start

Can't you see
We're ready for the victory?
It's clear
You're the hero just for you and me

I feel
We're in the pole-position-team
Can't you see
It's like a dream?

From Australia to U.S.A.
And from Italy to Germany
And from San Marino to Canada
He is our biggest star

Oh, you cannot loose
If you have a lucky hand
You will be the hero
You have many friends

Dreams we cannot buy
You will win again
Nobody does it better
Through pa*sion and through pain

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Modern Talking - All the Best

All the Best
Aug 2008
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